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Simply specify which fastening materials you need – from standard to modified products, from bespoke components to packaged project parts, or maybe an urgent delivery. We hold an impressive stock of steel, stainless steel and brass fastening components in our 3,500m2 warehouse; in various DIN specifications, multiple metric and British sizes, in several qualities varying from 4.6 to 14.9, and ranging from lower-spec materials to high-grade steel. These fastening materials are used for a variety of purposes, from sheet piling operations and wooden constructions to machinery and blast furnaces.

Materials that are high-quality by nature generally require fastening products of even higher quality – there is no way that the fasteners should constitute the weakest link. More expensive products may require upgraded quality to ensure that they not only operate in keeping with the prevailing standards and requirements but also have a long operational life. A bolt fitted in a motor must simply be of high quality; a standard bolt might break, possibly leading to serious consequences.

Since we prioritise quality above all else, we only sell products starting from a pre-defined quality level, including our various finishing operations.

The product groups
within our range

Groep 1


Nuts must be able to withstand extreme forces, and because they are crucial to the connecting of constructions, we supply nuts in all quality classes.

Groep 2

Hexagonal bolts

The reliable connection of constructions depends upon the use of the right bolts in combination with the correct nuts.

Groep 3

Hexagon socket bolts, socket head adjusting screws

Hexagon socket bolts are the ideal solution for situations inaccessible to a flare nut spanner. We have also included socket head adjusting screws in this product group; these components are notably used for the positioning of construction elements.

Groep 4
Draadeinden en tapeinden

Threaded ends, studs, stud bolts, turnbuckles, carriage bolts

The connecting of two constructions is the common function of all the components within this group. Threaded ends, studs and stud bolts can have an impressive length of several metres.

Groep 5


There are no fewer than 10 million kinds of screw, and they are used for a very diverse field of applications, with sizes ranging from extremely small to exceedingly large. We have made a selection from this overwhelming offer.

Groep 6


The quality and processing of rings generally needs to match that of the associated bolts in order to ensure a reliable assembly.

Groep 7
Splitpennen en borgpennen

Split pins, locking pins, keys, pins, rivets, nails

This group includes a huge diversity of fastening products, ranging from small and large split pins to keys.

Groep 8


This group includes various wall-anchoring products; a plug plus screw and anchors is generally used.

Groep 9
Speciale materialen

Special materials

Dedicated fastening materials are used for high-quality constructions and environments.

If you would like to just do some browsing, please take a look at our Product Range Catalogue

Our Product Range Catalogue is a well-organised reference for our comprehensive range of products, and has been a great success for many years. It is clearly arranged on the basis of DIN and ISO numbers.

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Just in time (order picking)

Call us if you are in need of an urgent delivery. We hold a wide-ranging stock of both current and specialist fastening materials. And if the part you require is not in stock, we will either try to source it for you or modify existing components.


The modification of existing fastening materials may mean we need to cut them to the correct size. We also have the necessary tools to enable us to serve you with customised products.