Hexagon socket bolts, socket head adjusting screws

Hexagon socket bolts are the ideal solution for situations inaccessible to a flare nut spanner. We have also included socket head adjusting screws in this product group; these components are notably used for the positioning of construction elements.

Properties of hexagon socket bolts and socket head adjusting screws

The quality of these fastening articles starts in Class 8.8 and moves up to Classes 10.9, 12.9 and 14.9. Hexagon socket bolts are primarily used in the automotive industry and for engines in the offshore industry and ships. Both hexagon socket bolts and socket head adjusting screws are available in steel and stainless steel. Processing: black, hot galvanised or Geomet.

  • Hexagon socket bolts and socket head adjusting screws are available in Classes 8.8, 10.9, 12.9 and 14.9
  • Available in: steel and stainless steel
  • Processing: black, hot galvanised and Geomet
Examples of Hexagon socket bolts, socket head adjusting screws
DIN 912 ISO 4762 Binnenzeskantbout hoge kop
High-head hexagon socket bolt

DIN 912

DIN 913 ISO 4026 Stelschroef met platte punt
Flat-point adjusting screw

DIN 913

DIN 914 ISO 4027 Stelschroef met punt
Pointed adjusting screw

DIN 914

DIN 915 ISO 4028 Stelschroef met tap
Threaded adjusting screw

DIN 915

DIN 916 ISO 4029 Stelschroef met kratereind
Adjusting screw with cup point

DIN 916

DIN 6912 Binnenzeskantbout lage kop
Low-head hexagon socket bolt

DIN 6912

DIN 7984 Binnenzeskantbout lage kop
Low-head hexagon socket bolt

DIN 7984

DIN 7991 ISO 10642 Binnenzeskantbout verzonken kop
Countersunk hexagon socket bolt

DIN 7991

ISO 7379
Shoulder screw

ISO 7379

ISO 7380
Button head screw

ISO 7380

Tailor-made and supplementary services from Triofast

If required, we can drill securing holes in your bolts and adjusting screws. This includes the possibility of drilling a hole for a split pin at the bolt extremity, or a securing hole in the head or a narrowing in the centre. If you supply the blueprint, we will arrange it for you. So far, we have responded successfully to all the challenges we have had to face in this area. Just one example: M48 bolt, length 640mm – split pin hole drilled in the extremity and at a central narrowing of the shaft. You just shout, we’ll take care of it!

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