This group includes various wall-anchoring products; a plug plus screw and anchors is generally used.

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When ordering fastening materials, you can order any anchoring products you require straightaway.

  • Plugs, screw and wall anchors
Examples of Anchoring
Anchor rod

Chemisch anker
Chemical anchor

Doorsteek anker FBN II
FBN II bolt anchor

Hammer-in anchor


Nail plug

SX wandplug
SX wall plug

universele plug
Universal plug

Wall plug

Tailor-made and supplementary services of Triofast

If required, we can package your fastening materials per blueprint or project.

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Call us if you are in need of an urgent delivery. We hold a wide-ranging stock of both current and specialist fastening materials. And if the part you require is not in stock, we will either try to source it for you or modify existing components.


The modification of existing fastening materials may mean we need to cut them to the correct size. We also have the necessary tools to enable us to serve you with customised products.