Hexagonal bolts

The reliable connection of constructions depends upon the use of the right bolts in combination with the correct nuts.

Properties of hexagonal bolts

To ensure that we are always able to provide the appropriate quality, hexagonal bolts are available in various classes: 8.8, 10.9, 12.9 and 14.9. These classes include many different qualities of steel, stainless steel and brass, as well as a variety of processes. For example, steel bolts may be processed as follows: hot galvanised, mechanically galvanised, PTF-coated or Geomet-treated. In addition, nickel-plated brass bolts are available in several quality classes.
Most of these bolts are used within high-quality constructions, e.g. in the automotive, offshore and shipping industries. The spectrum of applications is extensive. Many bolts include a special coating, are Lloyd’s certified and meet relevant DIN and/or EN standards.

  • Hexagonal bolts available in quality Classes 4.6, 8.8, 10.9, 12.9 and 14.9
  • Available in: steel, stainless steel and brass
  • Processing: hot galvanised, mechanically galvanised, PTFE-coated or Geomet-treated
  • Bolts from the DIN 933/931 category are the most sought-after
Examples of Hexagonal bolts
DIN 564 Zeskant bout met tap
Hexagon head set bolt

DIN 564

DIN 571 Houtdraadbout
Hex wood screw

DIN 571

DIN 609 Pasbout met lange draad
Fit bolt with long thread

DIN 609

DIN 610 Pasbout met korte draad
Fit bolt with short thread

DIN 610

DIN 931 Borstbout
Shoulder bolt

DIN 931

DIN 933 Tapbout
Tap bolt

DIN 933

DIN 931 Borstbout
Metric fine shoulder bolt

DIN 960

DIN 961 Tapbout
Metric fine tap bolt

DIN 961

DIN 6914 Voorspanbout
Pre-tension bolt

DIN 6914

DIN 6921 Flensbout
Flange bolt

DIN 6921

EN 15048 DIN 7968 SB-Bout
SB bolt

EN - 15048

Tailor-made and supplementary services from Triofast

If required, we can drill a small hole at the extremity of hexagonal bolts so that a split pin can be inserted for additional securing.

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